Worst Retirement Ever – Letras, Colombia – The Longest Climb in the World?

NEW EPISODE of Worst Retirement Ever is up! Enjoy part 2 from the beautiful cycling-loving Colombia, where I tackle Letras–which can be considered the longest climb in the world–TWICE because I’m an idiot, we learn about the tragedy at Aremero on my rest day, and I sing to you at the end because my brain became mush that day. This is also a reminder that my discount is active for a few more weeks at www.novebikes.com. Save $300 on your your stock or custom frame with PHILSENTME

Brought to you by Sho Air

Bikes by Nove

Tour by www.colombiabiketours.cc (he’s also a Veloguide)

Wheels/Shoes/Tires/Helmet @maviccycling 
Shifting and stopping courtesy of @sramroad 
Power by @quarq 
Style and speed by @castellicycling 
Hydration by @musclemonster 
Nutrition by @thefeed (PHILSENTME for a discount)
Cookie bottles by @camelbak
Bike dialied by @velofix 
Crotch happy thanks to @ismseat 
Training plans from @fascatcoaching (PHILSENTME for a discount)

Recovery by @whoop (PHILSENTME for a discount)

Pedals by @speedplaypedals
Airline baggage feeds dodged and by @orucase (also their saddlebag is sweet)
Health (vitamins and energy) @firstendurance 
Bike racks on the go by @seasucker 
Sweatpants and sneakers @newbalance

Glasses by @julbo_eyewear 
Sleep/recovery/energy thanks to @hellobluecbd

Endurance lotion for watts from @lactigo

Bike would be stolen if not for @ottodesignworks

Don’t sue me talk to @socalbikelawyer