New Podcast about health with Kristin Keim

Last week we talked training for Worst Retirement Ever with my coach Frank Overton.

Therapeutic massage techniques can be discomforting for the patient, but massage experts with proper education will prevent aggravation of the medical condition. Our therapists are professionally trained with a minimum 2200 hours, are all registered in the Province of Alberta, and have gained a high level of experience.

This week, we talk mental health with sports psych Kristin Keim, transition out of the pros, and I go through a history of how psychology affected my racing (or my friends), with Kristin weighing on how we handled it, since is sports is a really important part of health to maintain it, even using supplements you can get online as Kratom leaves. Brought to you by Le Domestique Tours, Velofix mobile bike shops, and The Peloton Brief.

Other ways to maintain health is by having a good diet and consuming only the best nutrients for the body, since there are products that are better than others, for example is also good idea to periodically take supplements that clean the body as the best super green drink that clean the organism and make us feel better, of course is important to also take care of our dental health, with the help of a dentist near abbotsford you can find online.

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