Best Retirement Ever – Big Bear, California

New “Best Retirement Ever” is up! I’m really excited about this one. This project got derailed by a certain someone and a trip to Switzerland 😂, but we have a few filmed and a lot more coming up this year.

This is the show I’ve always wanted to make: getting to know an area by bike and sharing it with you guys, guided by local experts and old friends. I pitched it in Hollywood for a couple years, got shockingly close to having it on actual TV, but I’ll be able to put it here instead courtesy of my wonderful sponsors, great friends, and you guys watching it.
The Strava doper takedown was fun and it struck a chord with folks who’d followed my career, but anger is out of my system now. I’ll still be training hard and being my best and going for all the KOMs I can on camera, but my bike life is about challenging myself and having fun and meeting people and celebrating the sport.

Thanks for following along! Let me know where you want me to ride next, and I’ll try and get there!