Writings/Hate Mail

I get occasional hate mail, resulting from my blog, Velo column, or my store. These people waste my time, but I just can’t ignore it, so I generally try to entertain myself in the responses. If their anger is unjust, I make it a point to give them a reason to hate me. I’ll add to this page as often as some stranger’s stupidity inspires me. Named will be changed to protect the ignorant, and I’ll add (comments in between).

1. Dani the Man Hater

2. Seriously

Too Hot for Velo

Published Work:

  • Short story “The Cage in the Corner” in The Mangrove, the University of Florida’s literary magazine.
  • Article “So You Wanna Be a Pro” in Velonews Magazine, 11/2009
  • Article “Rules of Engagement: Do’s and Don’ts When You Run Across a Pro on Your Ride” in Bicycling Magazine, 4/2010