Cookie Rankings

Phil is a firm believer that cookie consumption is directly correlated with happiness. As such, he’s had cookies all over the United States (and the world, but nothing’s impressed him internationally). This list is a public service, so that no one will ever waste precious calories on a mediocre cookie.

1. Fudge Brownie Chip – Cafe Solterra – Jekyll Island Club Hotel – Glynn County, Georgia
2. Rice Krispie Treat Chocolate Chip – M Street Kitchen – Santa Monica, California
3. Chocolate Chip – Levain Bakery – New York, New York
4. Double Chocolate Chip – Meeting Street Cafe – Providence, Rhode Island
5. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip – Woodstar Cafe – Hadley, Massachusetts
6. Chocolate Chip – Mary’s Mountain Cookies – Breckenridge, Colorado
7. Chocolate Chip – Sweet Salt, Toluca Lake, California
8. Chocolate Chip – Kumquat Mae Café – Watkinsville, Georgia
9. Cowboy Cookie – Handlebar Coffee – Santa Barbara, California
10. Chocolate Chip – Mama’s Kitchen – Palomar, California

M Street

Phil does accept submissions via mail. For consideration on the list, it must be from a bakery and available to consumers. That’s not to say he won’t appreciate it if you send me a batch that you made yourself. Use the contact link to find out where to send it. Note from Phil: If I test positive from your cookie, I will hunt you down and kill you.