Book corrections

There are a lot of things they don’t tell you when you write a book. To keep it concise, you have to delete a lot of backstory, or you have to judge people and quickly summarize them, which can lead to portrayals that aren’t fair, and unintended consequences. Or sometimes, you get things plain wrong.

I told a story involving a teammate named Matt Crane. Matt was a rider I looked up to on and off the bike, and I described a scene that was sort of a “blaze of glory” departure from the team at a race in Australia. The story was based on a certain amount of wishful thinking on my part, as I was angry with my own exit from the team, and the details of story turn out to have been false. The offending section will be removed from future prints of the book, but I would like to state that Matt had nothing but respect and admiration for our team, sponsors, teammates, etc, and acted accordingly.