Big Bear Training Camp – AKA The Wattage Cottage


In 2013, I started to incorporate altitude into my training, and I fell in love with Big Bear. The charming mountain town is only two hours from Los Angeles, the perfect elevation for endurance adaptation(6800 feet) , but only a short drive to sea level, making it easy to “live high, train low.” I’d always have to bum at a friend’s house or a get a cheap motel, wishing that there was a good rental available for athletes. It’s too late for me, but I set up this cabin with that in mind. Now, you have a place to visit for a weekend to enjoy yourself, or buckle down with a teammates for a couple weeks to get fit for a big event.

For visits of less 3 nights or less, book here

For weekly or monthly rates, use the contact form to tell us when and how long you’d like to stay.

House features:
-2 bedrooms (1 queen bed, one bunk bed with a full and and a twin, one air mattress)
-Fully-equipped kitchen
-Assorted training foods from Clif Bar
-Big (secure) shed for your gear
-Discount at Bear Valley Bike Shop
-Files or maps of my favorite training routes, including the best coffee and local restaurants.
-For any stay of 10 days or more (the recommended amount for adaptation), a training plan from my coach Frank Overton of FasCat coaching is included.